The Guys

Nadeem Al-Hasan

is the CMO and co-founder of Baked Bros™. Nadeem grew up wrestling in both Missouri and Texas as an outlet from his chaotic home life. This created a structured environment that taught him the importance of discipline, which ultimately led to wrestling in Oklahoma. It was at that time that the passion for cannabis was ignited when a dear friend and former coach was diagnosed with Chron's disease. Together, they discovered that cannabis was one of the few modalities that actually provided relief. This sparked a deep curiosity for Nadeem, leading him to search for a state (Arizona) where he could legally learn about cannabis without being penalized. While trying to find a way to break into the cannabis industry, Nadeem took up a profession in MMA. He eventually became one of the first individuals to provide medical cannabis for patients in Arizona. Through this process, Nadeem gained hands-on experience growing organic cannabis, eventually landing him a position running a grow site for a dispensary in Washington State. Having an extensive background in the foodservice industry, while working in his family's chain of restaurants, Nadeem knew we wanted to explore bringing cannabis and food together. With his experience in cannabis cultivation and culinary background, Nadeem partnered with his friend Thomas, leading Baked Bros™ to win the coveted High Times Cannabis Cup Award for Best Edible Product in 2014. 


Nadeem oversees the brand marketing strategy and Baked Bros™ Media. He is an advocate for the progressive reform of cannabis and dedicated to growing Baked Bros™ into a national edible brand. In his free time, Nadeem enjoys diving into practices that expand his mind, nourish his soul, and sustain his body.

Derek Espinoza

is the Director of Education for Baked Bros™. Growing up in a conservative Mormon community with a mother who worked for a major pharmaceutical company, Derek had archaic views on cannabis. Upon graduation from high school, he witnessed the pitfalls of modern medicine, namely in the areas of mental health and addiction. These formative experiences created a passion for searching for alternative tools to help heal the minds of others. In 2015, Derek entered the cannabis industry, working first-hand with medical marijuana patients, helping to provide them with accurate information and quality products. He quickly realized he needed a larger platform to educate patients rather than working one on one. This led Derek to partner with Baked Bros™ in 2018 because of the company's emphasis on destigmatizing cannabis through community outreach and education. He is currently in his senior year at Arizona State University (ASU), pursuing a B.S. in psychology. He is a Senior Lab Assistant with an ASU study exploring the effects of psychedelic use on measures of compassion and life satisfaction. Derek is a Co-Founder of the ASU student organization, The Ecstasis Club, which is devoted to the academic exploration of altered states of consciousness. 


For Baked Bros™, Derek trains customer-facing educators, creates educational content, and helps oversee media marketing. He writes and presents monthly for the Marijuana Industry Trade Association on topics within the science of cannabis and has also presented for the AZ Plant Medicine Conference. When off the clock, Derek enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and two daughters.



"Know Your Dose” is a weekly thought-provoking podcast focused on how cannabis, psychedelics, and holistic practices are transforming the future of wellness. Led by Baked Bros™ co-founder Nadeem Al-Hasan, and Creative Director Derek Espinoza, “Know Your Dose,” covers how these alternative practices influence overall health, fitness, personal development, and much more. Listen in on their free-flowing conversations by selecting an episode below!

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